The Hume & Hovell Walking Track

Yass to Albury


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The walk starts at Hume Cottage, on the outskirts of Yass

It finishes at the Hovell Tree in Albury


There are track markers at all major junctions


Stretching over 440 kilometres from Yass to Albury in New South Wales, this track has to be one of most underrated long distance walks in Australia.

While not a 'wilderness walk' in the sense that a lot of bushwalkers prefer, it is a strenuous, historic walk, and takes a fair bit of planning. The track certainly gives an inside perspective into the opening up of inland Australia – the charter given to Hume and Hovell by the government as they set out with six convicts on their epic 1824 expedition.

As you walk the track you can immerse yourself in Aboriginal history, explorer's history, agricultural history, mining history, the preservation of land set aside for national parks, and the construction of hydro-electric plants, irrigation dams and the subsequent development of the modern-day provincial towns of Yass, Tumut and Albury.

For most of its distance the track is well-marked with signs depicting the ‘little guys’. Several sections are linked by roads and fire trails, but this is the case with most long distance walks in Australia and abroad. To us it didn’t detract from the journey. Apart from the three rural towns, three main trackheads give ready access to sections of the track. This makes it easy for walkers wanting to do shorter distances. There are several options ranging from one to six-day walks, or more. Transport and food drops can be arranged.

Obviously autumn and spring are the most popular times to walk the track, (sections of the track are closed in mid summer) but we undertook a winter hike. Although it was really cold at times, the days were crisp and the views clear. It was thoroughly invigorating and water wasn’t a problem after recent winter rains.

The complete track notes, along with sketch maps, gradient profiles and photos are included in the revised edition of Take A Walk in Southern NSW & the ACT.

 Happy walking,

Lyn and John

Section 1. Cooma Cottage to The Captain Campsite. 31.8 km

Blowering Dam


Buddong Falls

Section 2. The Captain Campsite to Burrinjuck Waters State Park. 21.2 km
Section 3. Cathedral Rock to Fitzpatrick Trackhead.  15.0 km
Section 4. Fitzpatrick Trackhead to Log Bridge Campsite.  12.6 km
Section 5. Log Bridge Creek to Bossawa Campsite. 20.2 km
Section 6. Bossawa Campsite to Thomas Boyd Trackhead. 25.5 km
Section 7. Thomas Boyd Trackhead to Blowering Campsite. 26.4 km

Signing the logbook


Paddys River's Frozen


So's Paddys Dam


Section 8. Blowering Campsite to Island Forest Park.  25.0 km
Section 9. Island Forest Park to Ben Smith Campsite. 22.2 km
Section 10. Ben Smith Campsite to Buddong Hut. 14.5 km
Section 11. Buddong Hut to Paddys River Dam Campsite. 11.6 km
Section 12. Paddys River Dam to Junction Campsite. 22.4 km
Section 13. Junction Campsite to Henry Angel Trackhead. 6.5 km
Section 14. Henry Angel Trackhead to Mannus Campsite. 22.0 km
Section 15. Mannus Campsite to Horse Creek Campsite. 19.9 km

Junction Campsite

Mine Relics

Swing Bridge

Section 16. Horse Creek Campsite to Lankeys Creek. 19.6 km
Section 17. Lankeys Creek Campsite to Tin Mines Campsite. 21.2 km
Section 18. Tin Mines Campsite to Samuel Bollard Campsite. 20.8 km
Section 19. Samuel Bollard Campsite to Great Aussie Resort. 25.3 km

Mannus Lake washed away in October 2010

Remote camp at Horse Creek

 Contouring - great views!

Section 20. Great Aussie Resort to Table Top Park. 22.1 km
Section 21. Table Top Park to Mungabareena Reserve. 20.3 km
Section 22. Mungabareena Reserve to the Hovell Tree. 8.9 km